Felix Waltz is a top-notch musician and music producer from Germany with an extensive musical background. He gained a foothold in Hamburg’s electro scene at a young age, but later turned to hip-hop and jazz, which has led him to appear in the most diverse projects alongside a wide range of well-known artists today.


Upcoming shows
  • 17.08.22 Sasha in Remscheid , Eventgarten Remscheid Tickets
  • 21.08.22 Sasha in Köln , Tanzbrunnen Tickets
  • 02.09.22 Sasha in Soest , Stadthalle Soest Tickets
  • 03.09.22 Sasha in Emden , Nordseehalle Tickets
  • 18.09.22 Sasha in Stade , Stadeum Tickets